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Presenting Star Medical Transcription Services

At Star MTS, we consistently update our transcription process with the newest development in technology. Utilizing the most advanced technology, our physicians can manage their transcription flow in the most efficient and cost effective manner. If quality and TAT are the major concerns on your mind right now, then Star MTS is the right destination for you. We sincerely take the responsibility of quality and TAT (Turnaround Time), which is one of our key deliverables.

Each of our Transcriptionists, Quality Analysts and Editors are disciplined, well trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable with AAMT Rules & Medical Terminology. We maintain a strict adherence to AAMT rules and Clients Specifications with complete confidentiality of their records. Our transcribed reports are edited by experienced proofreaders and editors to ensure quality. We work 24 x 7 to ensure timely service to our customers. Our commitment is to continue to deliver 99.9% accuracy on time and develop friendly and professional relations based on professionalism and the quality of the service provided.  Our team is also well-trained with VRS (Voice Recognition Software) files and can edit them too.

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